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Program Management

Program management

Whatever the end goal of your programme is, our dedicated and expert programme management professionals have the potential to complete the most complex programmes. Our programme management team would help your organization overcome the limitations of project management. Programme management is an effective means to control all your projects that are working in synchronization with each other. Proper co-ordination and efficient management of resources (people, technology, processes) is vital for the success of complex software development programmes. Our skilled and expert programme managers provide the requisite guidance and expertise that your organization needs to successfully achieve all your project goals within the budget and stipulated time. Right from the time we began our journey into programme management, we have catered to the requirements of diverse industry verticals, both within the country and overseas as well.

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Our Programme Management process

At Klocrix, we have divided the programme management process into five phases. These include

Phase 1: Identification

  • This phase involves identification of the strategies, aims, and objectives of the business. Accordingly the scope of the programme is decided about what will be the result.
  • Based on the objectives, the relevant programmes are identified and decided.

Phase 2: Planning

  • Once the different projects that constitute a part of the programme have been decided, the programme manager creates a design (blueprint) as to which project some come first and which should be at the end.
  • The programme planning provides a crystal-clear picture to the programme manager as well as the stakeholders of a business about how the programme should go ahead with the different projects running in synchronization with each other.

Phase 3: Implementation and delivery

  • Once this plan is created, individual project managers look into their projects.
  • The programme manager monitors all the projects that are running concurrently, assesses risks if any and mitigates them.
  • The main role of a programme manager is to ensure that all the projects are running seamlessly towards the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • The programme manager reports the progress of all the projects and the programme as a whole to the stakeholders of the company.

Phase 4: Completion and closure

  • Just like individual projects have a defined time frame, programmes too have a finite duration and are closed once the defined goals are achieved.
  • After a programme is closed, the programme manager reviews what benefits have been achieved for the business and what could have been achieved.
  • A report of the entire programme cycle is made from start to end. This report is presented to the stakeholders.

How programme management services from Klocrix will benefit your business?

  • Maximize ROI for all your projects.
  • Improved visibility and insights into projects.
  • Use of advanced and powerful technologies.
  • Optimal use of different resources.
  • Faster and more efficient results.
  • Mitigate risks and uncertainties.
Do you have project ideas in mind? Want to run a successful IT program for your organization? Klocrix can help you achieve all your business targets.