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Custom Software Solution

Custom software development solutions?

Every business is unique and so is yours. This is the reason why your business requires customized solutions. In today’s competitive marketplace, the one-size-fits-all approach does not suit businesses who want to grow and scale rapidly. The ready-made and already existing solutions that are available in the market are not likely to suit your business requirements. Buying off-the-shelf software solutions are just like packaged items which you are trying to modify after purchasing.

Klocrix is a reputed name in the software development field. We possess skilled expertise backed by the experience of so many years. Right from the time we kicked-off, we have developed custom software solutions for businesses belonging to diverse industry verticals. With our custom software solutions, you can take your business towards a digital future. From the time of inception, we have developed unique, creative and out-of-the-box software solutions for numerous small and medium businesses, startups and large corporates.

We have developed multiple software systems such as:

Digitial Marketing

CRM systems

ERP software

Shopping website

Accounting software

Tracking systems

CRM systems

ERP software

Shopping website

Accounting software

Tracking systems

Robust software development technologies we specialize in

Cake PHP

Angular Java



Node js



.Net Core


Industries we cater to :

Healthcare, automobiles, real estate, media, oil and gas, energy, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, manufacturing, and many more.

What makes us different?

  • In-house team of multi-skilled software developers

  • One-stop destination for all custom software development projects

  • Cost effective and timely delivery of projects

  • Crystal clear communication throughout the product development lifecycle

  • Post-employment maintenance and support

  • Custom software solutions to match your business requirements

What do we offer?

  • Custom software coding and development

  • UI/UX design and development

  • Support and maintenance

  • Software consulting

How do we go about creating custom software solutions?

  • Understanding the requirement of a client

  • Creating a software development blueprint/wireframe

  • Fixing a timeline and working according to it

  • Robust software coding and testing

  • UI/UX design and development

  • Final checking and approval

  • Custom software launch

  • Post development support

Have a software development idea in mind? Klocrix can help transform it to a Reality with tangible results for your business.

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